The Diggers - a memory of making
is a short film illustrating the creation of the new work, The Diggers, by my friend and acclaimed photographer Lesia Maruschak.


Here's a video I shot recently for my friend Sherri Hrycay at Sova Design



Campus Vets

George and field producer Linda Sanche visit the Saskatoon Zoo with three Vetertinary Medicine students. The turkeys apparently don't realize Thanksgiving is just around the corner!

2 seasons of Campus Vets were shot in Saskatoon.

The Life Network series was produced by The Eyes Productions of Vancouver.
Downstream Pictures provided camera and sound packages for the series, as well as Directors of Photography George Hupka and Gary vonKuster.

George is holding Kobe, a little turtle who will eventually grow to be a really, really big turtle!

Thanks to Dr. Alana Shrubsole for the pictures.

Commercial Shoots

Media Group keeps us busy shooting commercials and corporates...

Here are some pictures from a recent commercial shoot for SaskEnergy.

Left-to-right from the camera:
The DP is George Hupka
1st AC is Dean Frank
2nd AC is Lanny Westgard

Giving the camera department a hand is Dolly Grip Dean Martin and Grip Daniel Shingoose.