1983 SaskCable Services Award The Miracle Makers (Producer)

1984 Video/Culture Finalist Gertrude Story: At Day's End (Director)

1984 CJRT-FM Award The Miracle Makers (radio version)

1985 Saskatchewan Showcase award Drawing the Line (Photographer/Editor)

1985 Video/Culture Honourable Mention Drawing the Line (Photographer/Editor)

1985 CityTV Scholarship for outstanding skill and creativity in field camerawork by a Ryerson student.

1986 Adcom Electronics Award for proficiency in camerawork by a Ryerson student. The Bug in the System (DOP)

1987 CanPro Gold Winner for student drama. The Bug in the System (DOP)

1990 CanPro Silver Focus: Kidney Transplant (Photographer/Editor)

1990 TVB Awards:
Best In Category - Collector's Choice (Director)
Honourable Mention - Farmgate "Kevin Hursh: Roots" (Director/DOP)

1991 CanPro Gold OBMIN: Ukrainian Student Exchange (Writer, Producer, Editor)

1991 CanPro Silver: Riel 22 (Director, Producer), CFQC TV NEWSCENTRE (Director)

1991 Hollobon Award- Best Documentary Breathing Easier (Director/Editor)

1991 TVB Awards
Best In Category - Eyes International "Eyes On Summer" (Director/Editor)
Honourable Mention - Sound Affects (Director/DOP)

1992 CAB Gold Ribbon Nominee-Documentary Cystic Fibrosis: The New Option (Director/Editor)

1993 CanPro Gold Best News Series - The Morning After (Photographer)

1994 Showcase Awards Best Educational Program - Down On The Farm, Pilot (Director/DOP)

1997 Native Indian and Inuit Photographers Association Best Documentary - Gift of the Grandfathers (DOP)

2000 Showcase Awards Best Corporate/Industrial  - Success In Saskatchewan - The Ducks Unlimited Story (Director/Producer)

2002 Showcase Awards
Best Commercial (Low Budget category)  - SaskEnergy "Iced Tea" (Director)
Best Documentary - Donna's Story (DOP)

2002 ACE Awards
Award of Merit - TV Campaigns under $50,000 - SaskEnergy "Iced Tea" (Director)

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